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Erro File `url.sty' not found.

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Erro File `url.sty' not found. Empty Erro File `url.sty' not found.

Mensagem por bragaseg Seg 23 Mar 2015, 13:17


Nunca usei o Latex na vida sendo esta a minha primeira experiência. Fiz as instalações básicas devidas (eu acho).

Preciso agora fazer um texto pequeno e eu já tenho o modelo pronto, mas quanto "mando rodar" aparece a seguinte mensagem:

LaTeX Error: File `url.sty' not found.

Peço uma orientação.

Muito Obrigado,


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Data de inscrição : 23/03/2015
Idade : 53
Localização : Montes Claros, MG, Brasil

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Erro File `url.sty' not found. Empty Re: Erro File `url.sty' not found.

Mensagem por Antonio Marcos Barbosa Sab 03 Mar 2018, 10:46

Verifique esse link https://ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/url nele se encontra uma página do CTAN sobre esse arquivo.

Nessa página tem o arquivo url.sty que você pode baixar. Basta deixar o arquivo junto da pasta em que você está tentando compilar o projeto. Você pode, até mesmo, criar um subarquivo no projeto nomeando-o de url.sty e copiando e colando o seguinte:

% url.sty ver 3.4 16-Sep-2013 Donald Arseneau asnd@triumf.ca
% Copyright 1996-2013 Donald Arseneau, Vancouver, Canada.
% This program can be used, distributed, and modified under the terms
% of the LaTeX Project Public License, version 2 or later.
% A form of \verb that allows linebreaks at certain characters or
% combinations of characters, accepts reconfiguration, and can usually
% be used in the argument to another command. It is intended for email
% addresses, hypertext links, directories/paths, etc., which normally
% have no spaces. The font may be selected using the \urlstyle command,
% and new url-like commands can be defined using \urldef.
% Usage: Conditions:
% \url{ } If the argument contains any "%" or "^^", or ends with
% "\", it can't be used in the argument to another command.
% The argument must not contain unbalanced braces.
% \url| | ...where "|" is any character not used in the argument and not
% "{" or a space. The same restrictions as above except that the
% argument may contain unbalanced braces.
% \urldef\xyz\url{ }
% \xyz a defined-url: "\xyz" can be used anywhere, no matter what
% characters it contains.
% \DeclareUrlCommand\abc{settings}: makes \abc{ } like \url{ } with settings
% See url.tex/url.pdf for documentation. Some info after \endinput
% Required catcodes during loading: letters @ = letter,
% ` = > < . [ ] + - digits = other,
% { } \ ~ # % $ _ ^ = their normal

% default style assignments
% any ordinary characters that aren't usually:
\def\UrlSpecials{\do\ {\Url@space}\do\%{\Url@percent}\do\^^M{\Url@space}%
\Url@force@Tilde}% package option may force faked text-ascii-tilde

% *Some* latin-1 or windows characters that ot1 has elsewhere: OE oe ss
\do\^^8c{\mathchar30 }\do\^^9c{\mathchar27 }\do\^^df{\mathchar25 }%
\do\~{\lower.45ex\hbox{\m@th$\mathchar126$}}% For tt style
% lots more to add, but I should later link into inputenc
\Url@OTnonTT % more for any but typewriter


% *Some* latin-1 or windows characters. Most will pass through safely to T1 enc
% mu inverted-? OE oe
% lots more to add, but I should later link into inputenc
\@namedef{Url@T1encSpecials}{\do\^^b5{\mu}\do\^^bf{\mathchar190 }%
\do\^^8c{\mathchar215 }\do\^^9c{\mathchar247 }\do\^^df{\mathchar255 }%
\do\^^ff{\mathchar184 }}

\@namedef{Url@LY1encSpecials}{\do\~{\mathchar158 }}







% \Url sets up the reading the argument verbatim if possible
\ifmmode\@inmatherr$\fi %$
\let\do\@makeother \dospecials % verbatim catcodes
\catcode`{\@ne \catcode`}\tw@ % with exceptions
\catcode`\ =10 % allow "\url {x}"
\catcode`\#=6 % always # -> ##, so I can later convert ## -> #

% \Url@y read arguments delimited like |...|, passing to \Url@z
\def\Url@y#1{\catcode`{11 \catcode`}11\obeyspaces\obeylines

% \Url@z read arguments delimited like {...}, verbatimizes with \meaning,
% performs character translations, then invokes the formatter.
%\if\urldebug \message{------------------------------------------------------}%
%\message{ \Url@String}\fi
% \meaning introduces spurious spaces in the text, so it would be nice
% to preserve the real spaces before \meaning, but that doesn't work --
% we can only do replacement on streams of non-syntactic characters.
\Url@ObeySp % may be no-op; otherwise put ordinary (12) space characters
%\if\urldebug \message{ \Url@String}\fi
% we left the catcode of # with its normal value (6) so \meaning
% doubles it to ##. Now we convert back to single #. This allows
% \url{#} to appear in the arguments of other commands, where we can't
% make # be an ordinary character. We make the single # active rather
% than `other' to support hyperref.sty.
%\if\urldebug \message{ \Url@String}\fi
% Also make % active to support hyperref.
% now do any hyper referencing due to hyperref (or perform a url-def)
% Now do the formatting in a group (can also have \Url@HyperHook take
% this as an argument.


% This is the normal way to format the strings, using math mode.
\UrlFont \Url@MathSetup
$\fam\z@ \textfont\z@\font
% \if\urldebug \showlists \fi

\medmuskip\Urlmuskip \thickmuskip\medmuskip \thinmuskip0mu%
\relpenalty\UrlBigBreakPenalty \binoppenalty\UrlBreakPenalty
\expandafter\let\expandafter\UrlEncSpecials\csname Url@\f@encoding encSpecials\endcsname
% Insert test for unknown encodings here \ifx\UrlEncSpecials\relax
\ifdim\fontdimen\thr@@\font=\z@ \let\Url@OTnonTT\relax \fi
\@tempcnta\z@ % \fam\multiply\@tempcnta\@cclvi
\let\do\set@mathcode \UrlOrds % ordinary characters that were special
\advance\@tempcnta 8192 \UrlBreaks % bin
\advance\@tempcnta 4096 \UrlBigBreaks % rel
\advance\@tempcnta 4096 \UrlNoBreaks % open
\let\do\set@mathact \UrlSpecials \UrlEncSpecials % active
\let\do\set@mathnolig \verbatim@nolig@list % prevent ligatures

%\message{Set mathcode of \string #1 (\number`#1) = \number`#1 + \number\@tempcnta. }%
\def\set@mathact#1#2{\mathcode`#1=32768 \begingroup
\mathcode`#1=32768 \fi}

\ifx\let\HyPsd@LetCommand % we are already in a pdf string!
\expandafter\Url@unmove \fi % give the argument and hope for the best
\ifx\Url@moving\relax\else \expandafter\Url@unmove \fi
\long\def\Url@unmove#1\Url@y{\endgroup \ifx\protect\relax\else\protect\Url\fi}
\edef\Url@moving{\csname Url Error\endcsname}
{\csname url used in a moving argument.\endcsname}
\expandafter\expandafter\expandafter \let \Url@moving\@undefined

\def\urldef#1#2{\begingroup \setbox\z@\hbox\bgroup
% Because hyperref breaks \urldef and does not define its own (Grrrr!)...
\expandafter\noexpand\csname\expandafter\@gobble\string#1 \endcsname
\expandafter\noexpand\csname\expandafter\@gobble\string#1 \endcsname}%
\def\Url@eitherdef{\ifx\let\HyPsd@LetCommand % we are already in a pdf string!
\expandafter\@firstoftwo \else \expandafter\@secondoftwo \fi}

\def\urlstyle#1{\expandafter\protect\csname url@#1style\endcsname}

\def\DeclareUrlCommand#1#2{\def#1{\leavevmode\begingroup #2\Url}}

% Sample (and default) configuration:
\newmuskip\Urlmuskip \Urlmuskip=0mu
% picTeX defines \path, so declare it optionally:
% too many styles define \email like \address, so I will not define it.
% \DeclareUrlCommand\email{\urlstyle{rm}}

% Process LaTeX \package options
\def\do@url@hyp{}% by default, no breaks after hyphens

{url}[2013/09/16 \space ver 3.4 \space Verb mode for urls, etc.]
\DeclareOption{hyphens}{\def\do@url@hyp{\do\-}}% allow breaks after hyphens
\DeclareOption{obeyspaces}{\let\Url@ObeySp\relax}% a flag for later
\ifx\Url@ObeySp\relax % [obeyspaces] was declared
\begingroup \lccode`+=32 \lowercase
{\endgroup \def\Url@ObeySp{\Url@Edit\Url@String{ }{+}}}
\def\Url@space{\penalty\Url@sppen\ }
\ifx\f@encoding\undefined \def\f@encoding{OT1}\fi

% \Url@acthash: convert `other' (doubled) ## to active #
% \Url@actpercent: convert `other' % to active %
\lccode`+=`\# \lccode`\~=`\#
\lowercase {\long\gdef\Url@acthash{\Url@Edit\Url@String{++}{~}%
\ifnum\mathcode`\#<32768 \def~{\#}\fi}}%
\lccode`+=`\% \lccode`\~=`\%
\lowercase {\long\gdef\Url@actpercent{\Url@Edit\Url@String{+}{~}%
\ifnum\mathcode`\%<32768 \def~{\%}\fi}}%
\catcode13=12 %

% Edit macro #1 changing all appearances of pattern #2 to replacement #3.
% The replacement is recursive, so don't put the search pattern into the
% replacement text!

{ \catcode`Q=3

\begingroup % \tracingall
\def\DOE@a{\endgroup\def#1}% Just so I can \expandafter it safely.
\def\DOE@b##1#2##2Q##3{\@ifblank{##2}% if finished,
{\DOE@c ##1Q}% then remove \@empty's and redefine macro
{\DOE@b##1##3##2Q{##3}}% else, re-iterate
}% the leading \@empty preserves braces, as does the trailing pattern:
\expandafter\DOE@b\expandafter\@empty #1\@empty#2Q{#3}}
\gdef\DOE@c#1\@empty Q{\expandafter\DOE@a\expandafter{#1}}
% \@ifblank (LaTeX syntax) --- checks if parameter is blank (Spaces
% count as blank) use \@ifblank{#1}{true case}{false case} etc

} % restore Q catcode

%\ifx\urldebug\@undefined \def\urldebug{01}\fi

% For documentation, please see accompanying url.tex (url.pdf)
% Package Options: obeyspaces, hyphens, spaces, lowtilde
% Revision History:
% ver 1.1 6-Feb-1996:
% Fix hyphens that wouldn't break and ligatures that weren't suppressed.
% ver 1.2 19-Oct-1996:
% Package option for T1 encoding; Hooks: "\UrlLeft" and "\UrlRight".
% ver 1.3 21-Jul-1997:
% Prohibit spaces as delimiter characters; change ascii tilde in OT1.
% ver 1.4 02-Mar-1999:
% LaTeX license; moving-argument-error
% ver 1.5 28-Mar-1999:
% possibility of spacing around break characters; re-settable penalties
% ver 1.6 20-Jun-2002:
% un-double #, fix obeyed-spaces, ignore trailing %, hook for hyperref
% (\Url@HyperHook), no macros in pre-processed url string (in \Url@String),
% limit catcode change of ~.
% ver 3.0 June 2003/Nov 2003:
% \DeclareUrlCommand; make font encoding automatic (only a few inputenc characters
% are supported yet - needs refactoring); reverse penalties.
% ver 3.1 Mar 2004:
% Remove spurious spaces in \url@XXstyle commands.
% ver 3.2 June 2005:
% Fix cmsy-symbols in tt bug (from 3.0); LY1 encoding bug; Enable plain
% with miniltx (again); Define the \urldef for hyperref; Lower "sim" tilde
% a little; fix \lowercase error in \UrlSpecials handling.
% ver 3.3 April 2006:
% Fix some encoding bugs and remove 8-bit characters. lowtilde option
% ver 3.4 Sept 2013:
% \@nomatherr->\@inmatherr. & is now another \UrlBreak character.
% The End

Test file integrity: ASCII 32-57, 58-126: !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789


Antonio Marcos Barbosa

Mensagens : 3
Data de inscrição : 17/05/2012
Idade : 29
Localização : União dos Palmares, Alagoas, Brasilo

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