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Mensagem por fgty em Ter 6 Ago - 18:07

Seafaring has, through history, always been one of the most dangerous occupations. Even today that is still true. Many countries had unilateral regulations on safety (18) _____________ sea trade is of international nature, the rules and regulations (19) _____________ be set up internatioally, (20) _____________ by individual countries, to make them better overall. To improve this subject, in 1948 the basis was laid for IMO. 

18-(A) however (B) unless (C) even if (D) although (E) as 

19- (A) would rather (B) may (C) must not (D) might (E) had better

20-(A) otherwise (B) notwithstanding (C) instead of (D) in spite of (E) since


Gostaria de entender se o gabarito pode ser E,B,C  Very Happy Very Happy

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Recebeu o sabre de luz

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